List of Lecture Series

Each of the Lecture Series of the Cluster of Excellence focuses on central aspects of the work of the research network from the perspective of one of the participating disciplines. Their primary goal is to enable students, colleagues and other interested parties to share in the current state of research and to engage them in discussion.

Past events:

Lecture Series Summer Semester 2016
Modelling Transformation

Lecture Series, Winter Semester 2015/2016
Norm Conflicts in Pluralistic Societies

Lecture Series Summer Semester 2015
Theorizing Global Order

Lecture Series, Winter Semester 2014/2015
Translating Normativity: New Perspectives on Law and Legal Transfers

Lecture Series, first half 2014
Rechtswissenschaft in Frankfurt vor den Herausforderungen der nächsten 100 Jahre - Erfahrungen und Erwartungen

Lecture Series Winter Semester 2013/14
Beyond Anarchy: Rule and Authority in the International System

Lecture Series Summer Semester 2012
Normativität und Geschichtlichkeit: Frankfurter Perspektiven II

Lecture Series Winter Semester 2011/12
Normativität: Frankfurter Perspektiven

Lecture Series Summer Semester 2011

Lecture Series Winter Semester 2010/11
The Nature of Normativity

Lecture Series Summer Semester 2010
"Non-Western Approaches to Justice and Peace"

Lecture Series Winter Semester 2009/10
Recht ohne Staat? Zur Normativität nichtstaatlicher Rechtsetzung


Workshop on Simon Caney’s manuscript On Cosmopolitanism: Equality, Ecology, and the Transition to a Fairer World Part II: Egalitarianism and Resistance

Book Workshop with Simon Caney - Part II (Frankfurr), 27 January 2017. Program: click here...

Forschungsbau "Normative Ordnungen" auf dem Campus Westend

Upcoming Events

27 January 2017, 9.30am-6.40pm

Book Workshop mit Simon Caney - Part II (Frankfurr): Workshop on Simon Caney’s manuscript On Cosmopolitanism: Equality, Ecology, and the Transition to a Fairer World Part II: Egalitarianism and Resistance. More...

1 February 2017, 7pm

Framework programme Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders" within the exhibition "Unter Waffen. Fire & Forget 2" Museum Angewandte Kunst, Lecture and conversation with the curator. Vom Koffertrolley bis zur Drohne. Die Dimensionen der Waffe im Recht. Prof. Dr. Christoph Burchard, LL.M. (NYU) (Professor für Straf- und Strafprozessrecht, Internationales und Europäisches Strafrecht, Rechtsvergleichung und Rechtstheorie der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"), Dr. Daniel Tyradellis (Kurator der Ausstellung). More...

2 February 2017, 6pm

Research Group Internet and Society: Julia Pohle (Berlin). Die Kontingenz des Politikfeldes Internet: die Institutionalisierung von internetpolitischen Diskursen. More...

Latest Media

Performing Jewishness. Ernst Lubitschs frühe Milieukomödien

Valerie Weinstein
Lecture and Film "Schnell wie der Witz - Die Filme von Ernst Lubitsch"

Waffen für alle? Die Pistole aus dem 3D-Drucker

Prof. Dr. Christopher Daase and Marco Fey
Framework programme "Unter Waffen. Fire & Forget 2"

New full-text Publications

Roth-Isigkeit, David (2016):

The Grammar of Global Law, Normative Orders Working Paper 01/2016. More...

Comtesse, Dagmar (2015):

Taming the superlative, embedding the comparative: a form of subjectivation for a post growth society, Normative Orders Working Paper 02/2015. More...