7th Annual Graduate Conference Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"

The Young Researchers' Conferences of the Cluster of Excellence invite young researchers to present their research to an interested professional audience. Organized by doctoral students and postdocs of the Cluster of Excellence the Young Researchers? Conferences are thus an ideal forum for young academics.

Past events:

Young Researchers' Conference 2016
Digital <Dis>Orders
17-19 November 2016

Young Researchers' Conference 2015
The Power of/in Academia: Critical Interventions in Knowldege Production and Society
13-14 November 2015

Young Researchers' Conference 2014
Borders of Orders - Grenzziehungen, Konflikte und soziale Ordnung
28-29 November 2014

Young Researchers' Conference 2013
Practices of Critique
5-7 December 2013

Young Researchers' Conference 2011
The dynamics of normative orders - persistence, motion, rupture
18-19 November 2011

Young Researchers' Conference 2010
Norms in Conflict
3-5 December 2010

Young Researchers' Conference 2009
Normative Orders: Justification and Sanctions

23-25 October 2009


Cluster of Excellence publishes 10 Postdoktoranden-Stellen and 5 postdoctoral fellowships - the application period has been extended until August 7th

The Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders" currently publishes ten postdoctoral posts and five postdoctoral fellowships. The application period has been extended until 7 August 2017 (new deadline). The detailed and revised advertisement for the vacant positions (concerning the postdoctoral fellowships) are here...

Forschungsbau "Normative Ordnungen" auf dem Campus Westend

Upcoming Events

17.-23. Juli 2017

Frankfurt Summer Academy on Global Justice. Mehr...

20. bis 21. September 2017

Workshop im Rahmen des Projekts “International Public Authority”: Mit Beiträgen von: Jochen von Bernstorff, Armin von Bogdandy, Philipp Dann, Franz Ebert, Matthias Goldmann, Ximena Soley, Jens Steffek, Silvia Steininger, Ingo Venzke, Leonie Vierck, Pedro Villarreal, Michael Zürn. Hier...

Latest Media

Criminal Law and the Promise of Self-Government

Malcolm Thorburn
Lecture Series "Criminal Justice between Purity and Pluralism - Strafrechtspflege zwischen Purismus und Pluralität"

Unstable Integration Deals: German Policies of coping with the refugee crisis

Prof. Dr. em. Claus Offe
Conference "Workers of the World - Labour, Migration & Solidarity"

New full-text Publications

Szews, Johann (2017):

Zahlungsmoral: Überlegungen zum Zusammenhang von Schuld und Schulden mit Nietzsche, Weber und Bourdieu, Normative Orders Working Paper 01/2017. More...

Forst, Rainer (2017):

The Justification of Basic Rights: A Discourse-Theoretical Approach. Normative Orders Working Paper 02/2017. More...