Graduate Conferences - Chronicle

The Young Researchers' Conferences of the Cluster of Excellence invite young researchers to present their research to an interested professional audience. Organized by doctoral students and postdocs of the Cluster of Excellence the Young Researchers? Conferences are thus an ideal forum for young academics.

Past events:

Young Researchers' Conference 2015
The Power of/in Academia: Critical Interventions in Knowldege Production and Society
13-14 November 2015

Young Researchers' Conference 2014
Borders of Orders - Grenzziehungen, Konflikte und soziale Ordnung
28-29 November 2014

Young Researchers' Conference 2013
Practices of Critique
5-7 December 2013

Young Researchers' Conference 2011
The dynamics of normative orders - persistence, motion, rupture
18-19 November 2011

Young Researchers' Conference 2010
Norms in Conflict
3-5 December 2010

Young Researchers' Conference 2009
Normative Orders: Justification and Sanctions

23-25 October 2009


Events by the Cluster of Excellence

Lecture and Film "Selbstporträts von anderen: Das Universum von Agnès Varda"

The Lecture Series Lecture and Film "Selbstporträts von anderen: Das Universum von Agnès Varda" starts on 29 october at 8pm. More...




Upcoming Events

11 February 2016, 8pm

Lecture & Film: „Selbstporträts von Anderen: Das Universum von Agnès Varda“: Agnès Varda: Zu Gast im eigenen "Universum". More...

23 February 2016, 12.30-2.30pm

Crisis Talks: European Solidarity in (the) Crisis. Europäische Solidarität in der Krise. Mit Lucia Puttrich (Minister for Federal and European Affairs of the State of Hessen), Prof. Dr. Klaus Dieter Wolf (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt am Main), Prof. Dr. Michael Zürn (Berlin Social Science Center), Reinhard Bütikofer (Member of the European Parliament, Co-Chair of the European Green Party), Dr. Janusz Lewandowski (Member of the European Parliament, former European Commissioner (2009-2014). More...

25 February 2016, 7pm

XIX. Frankfurter Stadtgespräch: Migration mit Missverständnissen. Die Deutschen und ihre Staatsbürgerschaft, Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth (Bundestagspräsidentin a. D.) in conversation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Fahrmeir (Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"), Moderation: Rebecca Caroline Schmidt (Managing Director Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"). More...

Latest Media

Wende in der Integrations- und Flüchtlingspolitik?

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter, Khola Maryam Hübsch, Sonia Zayed, Wolfgang Malik 
Panel Discussion

Europas Zukunft: Binnenmarkt, Bürgerunion und gemeinsamer Raum der Wissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump
Goethe Lectures Offenbach

New full-text Publications

Comtesse, Dagmar (2015):

Taming the superlative, embedding the comparative: a form of subjectivation for a post growth society, Normative Orders Working Paper 02/2015. More...

Wörsdörfer, Manuel, Hennig, Alicia (2015):

Challenging Voluntary CSR-Initiatives – A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Equator Principles, Normative Orders Working Paper 01/2015. More...