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Conference "Human Rights in the Extractive Industries: Conflicts and Regulatory Responses"

Vom 20. bis 22. Juli findet im House of Finance die Internationale Konferenz "Human Rights in the Extractive Industries: Conflicts and Regulatory Responses"  statt. Veranstalter ist das House of Finance in Kooperation mit dem Exzellenzcluster "Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen" und seinen Partnern. More...

Events by the Cluster of Excellence 2015

Upcoming Events

24 and 25 October 2016

Frankfurt Lectures: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kratochwil (Professor em. für Internationale Beziehungen). More...

Latest Media

The Strange Modernity of Modern Science

Prof. Dr. Lorraine Daston
Lecture Series "Modelling Transformation"

Frau am Steuer, das wird teuer

Verena Lueken
Lecture Series "Verkehrte Welten. Unordnungen des Films"

New full-text Publications

Comtesse, Dagmar (2015):

Taming the superlative, embedding the comparative: a form of subjectivation for a post growth society, Normative Orders Working Paper 02/2015. More...

Wörsdörfer, Manuel, Hennig, Alicia (2015):

Challenging Voluntary CSR-Initiatives – A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Equator Principles, Normative Orders Working Paper 01/2015. More...