Postdoctoral Dialogue Series "Norms, Plurality and Critique"

The crisis of democracy we face today triggers many questions about the very concept of democracy as well as its interaction with other political ideals.
Some of those who embody this crisis claim to speak in the name of the people and contradict, at the same time, the most basic democratic institutions of Constitutional states. That pushes us to look at one highly contested issue, which is the relation between democracy and the rule of law ideal. Are they based on contradictory principles, and united, paradoxically, in Constitutional Democracies - as Habermas has pointed it out? Are they completely independent one from another - as some other scholars believe? Does it make sense to talk about a democratic rule of law ideal?
The Lecture Series on Rule of Law and Democracy attempts to address this issue from a multidisciplinary perspective. History, Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy are here brought together to enrich and shed different lights on this old debate that revives once again.

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Organized by Dr. María Emilia Barreyro (Postdoctoral Fellow at Normative Orders), Dr. Sofie Møller (Postdoctoral Fellow at Normative Orders) and Carlos Gálvez-Bermúdez (PhD student at Normative Orders)


Friday, March 19th, 17.15 h CET
Crisis of democracy: Rule of law and Rule by law
Prof. Klaus Günther (Goethe University, Normative Orders)
Commentators Prof Michael Wilkinson (London School of Economics) and Dr María Emilia Barreyro (Goethe University, Normative Orders)



Friday, March 26th, 17.15 h CET
Constitutivism and the Rule of Law
Prof. Herlinde Pauer-Studer (Universität Wien)
Commentators Prof George Pavlakos (University of Glasgow) and Carlos Gálvez Bermúdez (Goethe University, Normative Orders)



Friday, April 9th, 17.15 h CET
The Democratic Case for Judicial Review: A Participatory interpretation of the internal relation between the Rule of Law and Democracy
Prof. Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University)
Commentators Prof Richard Bellamy (University College London) and Dr Sofie Møller (Goethe University, Normative Orders)



Presented by
Research Centre Normative Orders of Goethe University


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Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke (Goethe-Universität, Normative Orders) im Gespräch mit Cord Riechelmann (Autor)
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