Prof. Eduardo Mendieta

Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of the Rock Ethics Institute at The Pennsylvania State University

July - October 2019 and 6 January -30 April 2020

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann and Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt

Cluster of Excellence “The Formation of Normative Orders”, Goethe University Frankfurt in cooperation with Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften

Prof. Eduardo Mendieta has taught at the University of San Francisco and Stony Brook University of the SUNY System, as well as at universities in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. He works primarily on twentieth century Latin American philosophy and post-WWII German philosophy (especially the work of Karl-Otto Apel and Jürgen Habermas). He is co-editor with Jonathan VanAntwerpen of The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere (Columbia University Press, 2011), with Craig Calhoun and Jonathan VanAntwerpen of Habermas and Religion (Polity, 2013), with Amy Allen, From Alienation to Forms of Life: The Critical Theory of Rahel Jaeggi (The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018), and with Amy Allen of the Cambridge Habermas Lexicon (Cambridge University Press, 2019). He recently finished a book entitled The Philosophical Animal, which will be published by SUNY Press in 2019. He is the 2017 recipient of the Frantz Fanon Outstanding Achievements Award. During his residence as a Fellow of the Excellence Cluster Normative Orders  he will give a series of seminars and will coordinate a conference that relates to his research project.

Research project title:
Enlightened Religion: Jürgen Habermas’s Philosophy of Religion

With this project Eduardo Mendieta aims to track the development of Habermas’s thinking about religion, beginning in the sixties, when he wrote some important essays on the role of Jewish thinkers in the transmission of German Idealism, to his forthcoming two volume book Auch eine Geschichte der Philosophie (Suhrkamp, 2019), which traces the debate between faith and knowledge from ancient times through the nineteenth century.

Publications (selection):

- With Jonathan VanAntwerpen: The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere (Columbia University Press, 2011)
- With Craig Calhoun and Jonathan VanAntwerpen: Habermas and Religion (Polity, 2013)
- With Amy Allen: From Alienation to Forms of Life: The Critical Theory of Rahel Jaeggi (The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018)
- With Amy Allen: The Cambridge Habermas Lexicon (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
- The Philosophical Animal (Forthcoming 2019)


17-19 March 2020
»Gegenwart der Religion – Zukunft der Philosophie. Überlegungen im Anschluss an das jüngste Werk von Jürgen Habermas«

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16 April 2020, 11am
Fellow Colloquium
"Jus Soli: On Normative Grounds"
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