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Normative Legitimacy and Normative Dilemmas: Postcolonial Interventions. In: ibid. (eds.): Negotiating Normativity: Postcolonial Appropriations, Contestations, and Transformations, p. 1-23. Springer International Publishing.

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Author(s): Dhawan, Nikita; Fink, Elisabeth; Leinius, Johanna; Mageza-Barthel, Rirhandu
Year of publication: 2016

Abstract: The specific focus of this volume lies on critically scrutinizing how power manifests itself in norms and normativity; by opening up new research perspectives that point towards the ambivalent and twofold character of normativity, we show how norms are appropriated, contested as well as transformed. The analyses take a stance against restricting binaries as well as against the assumption of an allegedly all-encompassing (post-)colonial power. This introduction begins by outlining the editors' notion of norms and normativity, then portrays how normativity has been negotiated in postcolonial feminist approaches and finally elaborates on how the concepts of appropriation, contestation and transformation assist in understanding resistance and its entanglement with the multifaceted trajectories of power in a postcolonial world.

Keywords: international relations, Political Philosophy, Postcolonial Feminism, Political Theory, Comparative Politics

Research area: Research Area 1: The Normativity of Normative Orders: Origins, Vanishing Points, Performativitiy
Research project: Normativity of Critique - Critique of Normativity
Subject(s): political science, other

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