Moeller, Sofie, Dr.

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  • Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
    Normative Orders, Raum 2.17
    Max-Horkheimer-Straße 2
    60323 Frankfurt am Main

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    Programming period 2012-2019

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Research topic

A Kantian account of political obligation in crisis situations

Brief description of research topic

In this project, I investigate how Kant conceives of what we today call ‘political obligation’ and whether such an obligation can conflict with Kant’s notion of legal obligation in crisis situations such as revolutions or failed states.
In place of this ad hoc approach, this project revisits Kant’s account of political obligation to provide a contemporary Kantian account of its suspension in situations of crisis which includes parameters for the limits of political obligation. The aim is to provide a Kantian account which assigns limits to political obligation which are inherent to the account rather than arbitrarily imposed.

Subject areas

Political philosophy, legal philosophy, history of philosophy, intellectual history

Main research interests

My research broadly focuses on the relationship between political and legal philosophy and the history of political and legal thought. I intervene in contemporary discussions on legal and political philosophy from a Kantian standpoint informed by intellectual history.

Biographical Details

I work on legal and political philosophy in a Kantian framework. I studied philosophy and semiotics in Copenhagen, Berlin and Bologna and received my doctorate from the European University Institute in 2017. I have been a visiting research scholar at Brown University and a fellow of the Danish Academy in Rome. At the Cluster of Excellence, I am researching the conception of social progress in a Kantian framework and I have published with the European Journal of Political Theory and Kant Studien. I am author of the book "Kant’s Tribunal of Reason. Legal structures of the Critique of Pure Reason", which is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.


  • Article
    • 2013
      • Moeller, Sofie (2013): Human Rights Jurisprudence Seen through the Framework of Kant’s Legal Metaphors. In: Kantian Theory and Human Rights, edited by Reidar Maliks and Andreas Føllesdal, 52–69. London: Routledge, 2013.
      • Moeller, Sofie (2013): The Court of Reason in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Kant-Studien 104, 3 (2013): 301–20.
  • Book chapter
    • (noch nicht erschienen)
      • Moeller, Sofie (forthcoming): The Politics of Reason. In: Reason, Rights and Law: New Essays on Kantian Philosophy, eds. A. Pinheiro Walla and M. R. Demiray. University of Wales Press. (forthcoming)
  • Monograph
    • (noch nicht erschienen)
  • Review
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