Kuntz, Friederike, M.A.

former member

Projects and Positions in the Cluster

    Research topic

    World Society, Multilateralism, and Multiparty Conferences between States: On the Proliferation and Persistence of International Congresses and Conferences in Interstate Relations

    Brief description of research topic

    In my dissertation I investigate social foundations of multilateral meetings between representatives of states or state-like entities that occur in the form of (so called) international congresses and conferences.
    For the theoretical framework I draw on the concept of multilateralism as an institution as developed by Ruggie and others as well as on assumptions sociologists of knowledge and new institutionalists have provided with regard to processes of globalization.
    The empirical analysis predominantly deals with the history of international congresses and conferences during the nineteenth century since, according to my estimation, important developments already have occurred within this period. Such as: numerical increase in multilateral congresses and conferences; change in connotation, justifications, and in modes of negotiation; differentiation and diffusion of the organisational form itself. The empirical analysis picks out some examples of international congresses and conferences and examines the given justifications for summoning them.
    At large, my dissertation not only aims at comprehending the proliferation and persistence of multiparty congresses and conferences in interstate relations from the nineteenth century onwards and the socio-cultural factors therein involved; it also seeks to shed light on variables that influenced the evolution of multilateralism between states through reliance on some broader analytical framework.

    Subject areas

    Politikwissenschaft/International Beziehungen, Soziologie

    Main research interests

    Internationale Beziehungen
    Prozesse internationaler Organisation, Diplomatiegeschichte, Geschichte der Internationalen Beziehungen
    Soziologische Theorie, insb. Wissenssoziologie und Soziologischer Neo-Institutionalismus

    Publications within the cluster

    • Book chapter
      • 2015
        • Jacobi, Daniel; Kuntz, Friederike (2015): Über das Verhältnis von Performativität, Normativität und Normen in den Internationalen Beziehungen, in: Glaab, Katharina; Graf, Antonia; Engelkamp, Stephan (Hrsg.), Kritische Normenforschung als Metatheorie und politische Praxis. Neue Wege in den Internationalen Beziehungen, Baden-Baden: Nomos.

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