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Research topic

The Constitutional State in crisis: the rule of law in dispute

Brief description of research topic

The idea of the rule of law has recently been challenged. Populist movements, for instance, dispute its value because it is seen as dismissive of the will of the people. Accordingly, theories of democracy such as the “agonist pluralism” see the rule of law as an element which is in paradoxical tension with popular sovereignty and hostile to pluralism (Mouffe 2000, 2013). Positions that claim to rely on more realistic assumptions than liberals show that the permanent state of emergency has become one of the essential practices of contemporary states, including the so-called democratic ones, and thus, the rule of law has become an illusion (Agamben 2005). Even defenders of the idea of rule of law point out that it is consistent with new forms of arbitrariness (Bohman 2009).

Taking this debate into account, the main aim of my research project is to provide a notion of rule of law, more robust than the liberal, in order to recover the dimension of public autonomy as a constitutive element of a non-arbitrary state-power and to have a normative standard to assess the democratic legitimacy of current expressions of the popular will.

Subject areas

Political Theory, Theory and Philosophy of Law, Public Law

Main research interests

My research focuses on a specific justification narrative of normative orders: the narrative of the rule of law. It aims at providing a robust concept of the rule of law, from an interdisciplinary perspective that intersects legal studies and political theory.

Biographical Details

I finished my doctorate in Political Law at the University of Buenos Aires in 2016. In my dissertation, mostly focused on 'Between Facts and Norms, I argued that Habermas' theory of law and democracy has an anarchistic core.
After that, I made short research stays at the Goethe University of Frankfurt, once invited by Justitia Amplificata and twice granted by the DAAD.


  • Article
    • 2019
    • 2018
      • Open-Access-Logo Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2018): Formas puras y corruptas de referéndums. Notas para una evaluación de su legitimidad democrática. Isonomía. Revista de Teoría y Filosofía del Derecho.
      • Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2018): The purest form of communicative power. A reinterpretation of the key to the legitimacy of norms in Habermas's model of democracy. Constellations. 2018;25:459–473.
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  • (nicht zugeordnet)
    • 2017
      • Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2017): La legitimación democrático-deliberativa del derecho. Investigación de sus fundamentos ácratas, Thompson Reuthers - La Ley, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, ISBN 978-987-03-3366-1
    • 2015
      • Open-Access-Logo Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2015): “Entre el temor a las asambleas tumultuosas y la soberanía popular: trasfondo teórico de la preocupación por las condiciones de deliberación en Democracia”, Revista Electrónica de Investigaciones Jurídicas y Sociales del Instituto Lucas Ambrosio Gioja, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Año IX - Nº 14 - 2015, pp. 6-22, ISSN 1851-3069.
        Details | Link to full text
      • Open-Access-Logo Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2015): “La tesis de la dependencia y sus consecuencias en la lectura de Habermas de la arquitectónica política kantiana”, Revista de Filosofía Thémata, Universidad de Sevilla, España, Nro. 51, pp. 37-51, ISSN: 0212-8365, e-ISSN: 2253-900X.
        Details | Link to full text | doi: 10.12795/themata.2015.i51.02
      • Open-Access-Logo Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2015): “Teoría consensual de la verdad y la rectitud. Introducción a los fundamentos teóricos de la concepción deliberativa de la democracia en Habermas”, Revista Lecciones y Ensayos, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nro. 94. ISSN 0024-0079, e-ISSN 2362-4620.
    • 2013
      • Barreyro, Maria Emilia (2013): “Del Mercado al Ágora: Régimen de Propiedad en William Godwin”, Revista Crítica Jurídica-Revista latinoamericana de política, filosofía y derecho; UNAM, México, N° 37, pp.47-62. ISSN 0188-3968.
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