Wörsdörfer, Manuel, PD Dr.

former member

Projects and Positions in the Cluster

Research topic

Self-interest vs. the common good: On a central issue in economic ethics

Subject areas

Business Ethics/Economic Ethics;
History of Economic Thought;
Economic Policy.

Main research interests

Economic Ethics/Business Ethics: Sustainable Finance, (Political) CSR and Corporate Citizenship, Business and Human Rights, Equator Principles;
Transnational Legal Theory and Social and Political Philosophy;
History of Economic Thought: Ordnungsökonomik (Constitutional Economics)/Ordo-Economics, Ordo-/Neoliberalism and Social Market Economy;
Behavioral Economics, Economic Psychology and Neuroeconomics;
Economic Policy; and
European Integration and Politics.


Academic Membership:
Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN);
Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN);
Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik (DNWE);
European Business Ethics Network (EBEN);
European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET);
Society for Business Ethics (SBE).

Brink, Alexander/Schumann, Olaf J./Wörsdörfer, Manuel (eds.) (2014): Special Edition of the zfwu: “Next Generation”: New Perspectives on Business and Economic Ethics; zfwu Journal for Business, Economics & Ethics 15(2).
Feichtner, Isabel/Wörsdörfer, Manuel/Zumbansen, Peer (eds.) (forthcoming in 2014): Special Edition of Transnational Legal Theory: 10 Years Equator Principles.
Romeo, Francesco/Wörsdörfer, Manuel/Mele, Raffaele (eds.) (2014): Special Edition of i-lex on Ordoliberalism and the Freiburg School of Law and Economics; i-Lex 21.

Invited Lectures (Selection):
Society for Business Ethics; Annual Conference 2016 (Anaheim/USA, August 5-7, 2016).
Society for Business Ethics; Annual Conference 2015 (Vancouver/Canada, August 6-9, 2015).
European Business Ethics Network (EBEN); Annual Conference 2015 ‘Business Ethics, Peace and Environmental Issues’ (Hacetepe University Center for Business and Professional Ethics, Istanbul/Turkey, June 26-28, 2015).
Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Annual Conference 2014 ‘Reflection on Ethics’ (University of Sydney Business School, Sydney/Australia, December 1-2, 2014).
European Business Ethics Network (EBEN); Research Conference 2014 ‘Ethics in a Time of Crisis’ (INDEG-IUL – ISCTE, Lisbon/Portugal, October 9-11, 2014.).
European Business Ethics Network (EBEN); Annual Conference 2014 ‘Business Ethics in a European Perspective. A Case for Unity in Diversity?’ (European School of Management and Technology, Berlin/Germany, June 12-14, 2014).
European Society for the History of Economic Thought; ESHET 2014 Annual Conference ‘Liberalisms: perspectives and debates in the history of economic thought’ (Université de Lausanne/Centre Walras-Pareto; Lausanne/Switzerland, May 29-31, 2014).
‘Public Happiness’ (HEIRs Happiness Economics and Interpersonal Relations, Rome/Italy, June 4-5, 2013).
European Society for the History of Economic Thought; ESHET 2013 Annual Conference ‘Economic Theory and Business Practice: Their relations through the ages’ (Kingston University; London/UK, May 16-18, 2013).
‘Designing and Transforming Capitalism’ (University of Aarhus; Aarhus/Denmark, February 9-10, 2012).
Association Charles Gide pour l’Etude de la Pensée économique; ‘Justice and Economics: ancient doctrines and modern theories’ (Toulouse University; Toulouse/France, June 16-17, 2011).
European Society for the History of Economic Thought; ESHET 2011 Annual Conference ‘Competition, Innovation, and Rivalry’ (Bogazici University; Istanbul/Turkey, May 19-21, 2011).

Organized Conferences:
Workshop on Ethics in Finance and Investment (Goethe University; Frankfurt, October 2, 2015).
Fall Academy 2014 ‘Perspectives of European Integration’ (Goethe University; Frankfurt/ Germany, October 22-26, 2014; in cooperation with Europäische Humanistische Universität Förderinitiative e.V. and KAS).
Book Launch and Panel Discussion ‘Banking of the Future/Responsible Investmentbanking’ (Goethe University; Frankfurt/Germany, October 8, 2014; in cooperation with K. Wendt (Responsible Investmentbanking), Springer and ERM Environmental Resources Management).
KAS-PhD Colloquium ‘Social Market Economy’ (Goethe University; Frankfurt/ Germany, May 7-9, 2014; in cooperation with R. Klump and KAS).
Behavioral Business Ethics: Verhaltensökonomische und ordnungsethische Perspektiven. 1. Frankfurter Tagung zur Wirtschaftsethik (Goethe University; Frankfurt/Germany, October 1-2, 2013; in cooperation with Arbeitsstelle Wirtschaftsethik (G. Minnameier)).
10 Years Equator Principles – 2003-2013. Fragment of a Normative Sustainability Order or Business as Usual? (Goethe-University; Frankfurt/Germany, March 14-15, 2013; in cooperation with I. Feichtner).
Frankfurt Lunchs ‘Gibt es eine Frankfurter Schule der Ökonomie?’ (Annual Conference of the Verein für Socialpolitik ‘Die Ordnung der Weltwirtschaft: Lektionen aus der Krise’; Goethe University; Frankfurt/Germany, September 5-6, 2011; in cooperation with U. Walz and R. Klump).
Michel Foucault und der Ordoliberalismus (Goethe University; Frankfurt/Germany, June 10-11, 2010; in cooperation with T. Biebricher and R. Klump).
Die normativen und ordnungspolitischen Implikationen der Finanzmarktkrise (Annual Young Researchers Conference of the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Formation of Normative Orders’; Goethe University; Frankfurt/Germany, October 24-25, 2009).
Völkerrecht und Weltwirtschaft im 19. Jahrhundert. Die Internationalisierung der Ökonomie aus völkerrechts- und wirtschafts(theorie-)geschichtlicher Perspektive (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History; Frankfurt/Germany, September 3-4, 2009; in cooperation with M. Vec and R. Klump).

American Journal of Economics and Sociology;
Business and Professional Ethics Journal;
Journal of the History of Economic Thought;
Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations;
Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference;
Transnational Legal Theory;
zfwu Journal for Business, Economics & Ethics.

Both class and individual instruction at BA-, MA- and PhD-levels (courses taught: Business and Human Rights; Current Challenges in Economic Ethics; Current Challenges in Economic Policy; Foundations of Economic Policy; History of European Integration; Introductory Economics; Sustainable Finance, CSR and the Equator Principles).

Research Visits:
Visiting Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh/USA (Feb-May 2015);
Visiting Researcher, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University/Canada (July-Nov 2013);
Visiting Researcher, Institute of Foreign Philosophy, Beijing University/China (Nov-Dec 2012);
Visiting Researcher, Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto, Toronto/Canada (Jan-May 2012).

Publications within the cluster

  • Article
  • Book chapter
    • 2017
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2017): The Equator Principles and the ‘Business and Human Rights Debate’: Hype or Hope? in: Tomasic, Roman/De Jonge, Alice (eds.): Research Handbook on Transnational Corporations; Edward Elgar, pp. 139-168.
        Details | Link to full text
    • 2016
      • Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2016): Die Äquator-Prinzipien und die ‘Business and Human Rights’-Debatte in: Wendt, Karen (ed.): CSR und Investment Banking. Investment und Banking zwischen Krise und Positive Impact; Berlin, Gabler; 405-425.
      • Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2016): Selbstselektion versus ‚Indoktrination‘ in der (sozialen) Marktwirtschaft: Eine wirtschaftsethische Bestandsaufnahme in: Minnameier, Gerhard (ed.): Ethik und Beruf: Interdisziplinäre Zugänge; W. Bertelsmann Verlag; S. 135-156.
    • 2015
      • Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2015): 10 years Equator Principles: A critical appraisal in: K. Wendt (ed.): Responsible Investment Banking. Risk Management Frameworks and Softlaw Standards; Cham, Springer; 473-501.
        Details | Link to full text
      • Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2015): Equator Principles – Now and Then in: Schwartz, Michael/Harris, Howard (eds.): Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations (Vol. 14): The Ethical Contribution of Organizations to Society; Emerald; 121-160.
    • 2010
      • Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2010): On the Economic Ethics of Walter Eucken in: Konrad Adenauer Sitftung (Hrsg.): „60 Years of Social Market Economy. Formation, Development and Perspectives of a Peacemaking Formula”; Sankt Augustin/Bonn; 20-41
        Details | Link to full text
  • Monograph
  • Sonstige
    • 2009
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2009): Tagungsbericht „Völkerrecht und Weltwirtschaft im 19. Jahrhundert. Die Internationalisierung der Ökonomie aus völkerrechts- und wirtschaftstheoriegeschichtlicher Perspektive“
        Details | Link to full text
  • Working paper
    • 2015
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel; Hennig, Alicia (2015): Challenging Voluntary CSR-Initiatives – A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Equator Principles; Working Paper Series of the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Formation of Normative Orders’ 01/2015.
        Details | Link to full text | urn:nbn:de:hebis:30:3-381320
    • 2013
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2013): 10 Years ‘Equator Principles’: A Critical Economic-Ethical Analysis; Osgoode Hall Law School, Comparative Research in Law & Political Economy (CLPE) Research Paper Series; Research Paper No. 54/2013.
        Details | Link to full text
    • 2011
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2011): Die anthropologischen Grundlagen der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft und der Sozialpartnerschaft – unter besonderer Berücksichtigung neuerer Forschungsergebnisse.
        Details | Link to full text
      • Open-Access-Logo Wörsdörfer, Manuel (2011): Individual and Regulatory Ethics: An Economic-Ethical and Theoretical-Historical Analysis of Ordoliberalism; Normative Orders Working Paper 07/2011.
        Details | Link to full text | urn:nbn:de:hebis:30-113315
    • 2010

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