European Yearbook on Human Rights 2014

Sammelband (Hrsg.)

Autor(en): Benedek, Wolfgang; Benoit-Rohmer, Florence; Karl, Wolfram; Kettemann, Matthias; Nowak, Manfred
Publikationsjahr: 2014

Abstract: If 2012 was the year of furthering coherence in human rights protection, 2013 was the year of discussing new standards and their implementation in light of growing challenges to international and societal solidarity. This survey of human rights in Europe and beyond identifies an increased tension in the protection of economic, social and cultural rights. Vulnerable groups - from migrants to children, from victims of human trafficking to victims of gender-based violence - have also moved squarely into the center of both the discourse and practice of human rights protection. This volume contextualizes these trends. Defining and discussing key developments in human rights, the sixth edition of the European Yearbook on Human Rights brings together more than 30 contributions by renowned human rights experts that provide a much needed overview and sought-after analysis. Edited jointly by representatives of four major European human rights research, teaching and training institutions, the Yearbook 2014 covers extensively political and legal developments in the field of the three main organizations charged with securing human rights in Europe: EU, Council of Europe and OSCE. A further chapter contains contributions on the role of civil society in human rights protection and on cross-cutting topics. The impressive array of authors - academics and diplomats, practioners and human rights experts - makes the book essential reading for anyone interested in human rights in Europe and beyond

Fachrichtung(en): Rechtswissenschaft

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